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Freedom of speech.

Freedom of movement.

Freedom of assembly.

Freedom of religion.

Freedom is something I took for granted as an Australian-born citizen. But recent events have taught us that freedom is a fragile thing and the biggest threat to our freedom is not a virus, but authoritarian politicians in government.

Their heavy-handed response to COVID has not only trampled on our freedoms, it has destroyed lives, crippled businesses, ruined jobs, separated families, divided the nation and increased our national debt for future generations. We can’t let them do this to us again.

I’m a husband and father of six, and the pastor of a local church that has been serving in the Western Sydney area for 7 years. I also worked for a large company in sales support and continuous improvement for 10 years.

I'm concerned about the loss of freedoms in our country and there is a need for principled people in politics who respect those freedoms. If we don’t put a stop to what is happening, our children will not grow up with the same freedoms that we did. This is why I decided to run as the candidate for Werriwa in the coming federal election.

I have been an outspoken critic of the government's over-reaction to COVID from the very beginning and was arrested several times for protesting the lockdowns and mandates. With the help of Rebel News, I have taken the NSW Government to the Supreme Court to fight for our freedom of speech. The hearing is likely to be held in June 2022.

I will stand up to government over-reach and fight for our freedoms! I want Australians to be able to live and work with less government interference and keep more of their own hard-earned money.

We are the party of small government and personal freedom.

We will never vote for an increase in taxes or a reduction in freedom. We believe in freedom over fear and think individuals should make their own choices about risk, not unelected bureaucrats.

We will return our country to the old normal.

No more lockdowns, no more mandatory masks, no more citizen tracking and no vaccine passports. These things have no place in a free country. We can protect the elderly and vulnerable without needlessly destroying the lives and livelihoods of countless Australians. Our nation is at a fork in the road. What future will you choose for you and your children?

This election, vote for less government and more freedom!

Our Freedom Manifesto outlines our 10 policies for the coming federal election. Click on each policy to learn more.

  1. Freedom from COVID Alarmism

  2. Recall Elections

  3. Debt & Deficit

  4. Low, Flat Taxes

  5. Voluntary Superannuation

  6. Small Business

  7. Cheap & Reliable Energy

  8. Decentralised Education

  9. Free Speech

  10. Freedom from Surveillance

You can also download a PDF of the complete document here.

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"We will never vote for an increase in taxes or a reduction in freedom."

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